Ashlee Jones :)


21st Feb 2010

Sunday // 11pm // 4 years ago

"Where are you going to go? You can’t even see."

"I don’t have to."

"He stood up. I’m begging you , he said."

No. I will not. I cannot.”

Quote 2:

"At evening a dull sulphur light from the fires."

Quote #3:

"The boy was frozen with fear." 

21st Feb 2010

Sunday // 10pm // 4 years ago

my thoughts on haley welch’s thoughts

I thought Hay had a good point on how the dad really is unselfish! Because if he wanted to he could probably take out the kid and like eat him for some energy and nourishment! Or he could just take the kid out and himself out to make their life easier, instead of having nothing to eat, freezing almost to the point of death every night, and running away from people who want to kill you. Plus she was also right about how every man is for themself in this story. If I was them I would only trust whoever I was with and no one else. Because they could turn out to be the bad guys and kill you and eat you and that would suck. You survived all that all by yourself and you trust someone and BAM your dead! Plus if someone is like helpless you don’t want to help them because then the bad people can eat them and not you and you live longer! :)

05th Feb 2010

Friday // 4pm // 4 years ago

Assignment #3 :)

"Not all dying words are true and this blessing is no less real for being shorn of its ground." I had to look up what shorn meant it’s just a verb form of shear, which means to cut. So what I am getting from this is not all dying words are true which means to me that there is some hope left even when we don’t think there is. And when it talks about the blessing being no less real I think it is saying the blessing is just the same as it being the dying words. They are both kind of mental things. We can take certain phrases or words people say as a curse or as blessing. And when it says for being shorn of it’s ground it means they are both equal. I’m kind of not making sense at all but I know what I am trying to say. Like we should have hope even in the darkest times because there are blessings all around us even if we don’t realize it. Like their blessings were having the tarp to make a tent out of it, the wood to build a fire, and some hot cocoa and food they had found.
“Reflecting back the sun deep in the darkness like a flash of knives in a cave.” For one I would not want to see a flash of knives in a cave. That is just plain creepy. That would make me feel like I was being hunted. Which I’m pretty sure that’s what the dad is trying to avoid. But anyways the water is so dark the sun is just some flash in it, that is pretty dark. The whole knives in the cave was a good metaphor. Or maybe it’s foreshadowing something that might happen later on! Kinda scary to think about that. The end! :)

25th Jan 2010

Monday // 10am // 4 years ago

Assignment #2! :)

     The first quote that caught my attention was, “You forget what you want to remember and you remember what you want to forget.” That is so true! This happens all the time. As soon as I read this I instantly thought of something bad I’ve done, not one of the good times I’ve had. We usually tend to overlook the good stuff and go  straight to the bad stuff. The negatives are always so much easier to find then the good stuff. Like you don’t sit around talking about all the good stuff someone has done for you, you go for the bad. This isn’t a good thing at all. Don’t get me wrong I do it too I just try not to alot of the time! It just ends up more trouble for you!

     The second quote that caught my attention was, “A blackness to hurt your ears with listening.” My Bible class was talking about this the other day how silence is deafening. When you sit still and just listen it kind of sounds like this high pitchness in your ears. Plus with it being pitch black and silence so bad it hurts your ears that has to be some scary stuff! I can’t even imagaine being some place like that. I would hate it. Usually when its that quiet your mind starts to play tricks on you making hear stuff or see stuff. It even says the dad had to get up several times. So I can imagine he was pretty freaked out and worried about keeping his son safe!

     This setting is making me feel like I was there when I read it. I wouldn’t want to be there because its so dark and gloomy. It is a dark story and this setting is dark and gloomy too. So I think it fits perfectly together!

 The End!

21st Jan 2010

Thursday // 10pm // 4 years ago

Assigment Number One :)

The first thing I noticed about Cormac McCarthy’s writing is that there aren’t quotations mark when the guy and his son talk. The other thing I noticed is that his sentences are short but very descriptive. It makes me feel like I’m there walking around with him.

 I would have to say that my favorite quote would have to be, "Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world." I had to look up what glaucoma meant but it really just means in simple terms makes it hard for you to see. Everything that was once familiar to him is disappearing or has disappeared except his son. It is starting to kick in and probably get to him. The world as he knew it was disappearing and he can't do anything to stop it from changing except to try to keep him and his son alive.

This book seems to be really goood! I can’t wait to read more like now! Haha. :)